Nalgene™ 1 L Super Speed Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Closure are designed to boost productivity and pellet recovery in high-speed,large-volume gross separation applications.
Process a full liter in each bottle at speeds up to 15,810 xg
Smooth inner walls reduces sheering in mammalian culture separations
Ideal for bacterial, yeast tissue isolations and viral harvesting
Designed to fit FiberLite™ F6S 6 x 1000Y, F8S 6 x 1000Y, and F9S 4 x 1000Y
carbon fiber rotors
Recommended operating temperature range 4° to 22°C; storage to -70°C
Includes 3-piece sealing cap assembly, PP plug, closure and silicone gasket
for added leakproof† assurance
USP Class VI compliant,

Centrifuge Bottle 1l PC PK 6

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