Thermo Fisher Scientific Nunc Barcoded Cyrogeninc Tubes.

Cryogenic vials with bar code are ideal for automated data collection, sample inventory or to mask the identity of samples.
Code 128-numeric barcode is printed in black on white background.
Human readable is printed below bar code.
Guaranteed to have no duplicate numbers.
Barcodes are resistant to isopropyl alcohol, 100% butanol,10-20% DMSO, 5% bleach, 10% acetic and hydrochloric acids and 10% NaOH.

Certified sterile,noncytotoxic and nonpyrogenic.
Cryogenic vials are packed in easy-open bags inside cases with easyaccess top opening.
RNAse/DNAse free.

Volume 1.8ml.
Length 48mm.
Diameter 12.5mm.
Thread Internal.
Closure PP.
Bottom Round.
Locking Base Yes.
Self-standing Yes.
Graduated/Writing Area No.
Sterile Yes.

Pack Qty 50.
Carton Qty 450.
Case Qty 1800.

Barcoded CryoTube 1.8ml PK 1800

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