Thermo Scientific Nunc 1.2X Roller Bottle.

Nunc InVitro PETG Roller Bottles increase cell expansion and product yield without the need to purchase additional production equipment or increase labour.
For laboratory and industrial scale applications including vaccines, cell culture expansion and the production of other biologics.
Molded of durable, virtually unbreakable PETG, offering the safest roller bottle solution on the market today.
Can be frozen down to -40°C; supports freeze/thaw cell release methods, reducing reliance on trypsin.
Wide range of surface areas from 1050 cm2 to 4200 cm2, providing solutions for all scales.
Quick-action ergonomic closure reduces wrist strain and increases productivity.
Lot number on every bottle for full traceability.

Material PETG.
Surface Smooth.
Cell Growth Area 1050cm².
Size 1.2X (Vented).

5 Bottles per sleeve.
20 Bottles per case.

1.2X Roller Bottle PETG PK 20

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