Thermo Fisher Scientific Nunc CryoTubes.

Nunc Cryotubes and accessories are designed to work together and provide the best solutions for the most trusted sample storage applications, such as highly-regulated applications, irreplaceable high-value content storage and tissue, cell, blood or other materials for biobanking.
Non-cytotoxic, non-mutatgenic raw materials and pyrogen-free IVD compatible tubes for added sample security.
Tubes certified DNAse- and RNAse-free for genomic applications.
Certified SAL to 10-6 for the highest sterility assurance available.
Suitable for storage from general cold storage refrigeration (+4°C) down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
CE Marked for storage of diagnostic samples in the EU.
Compliant with IATA for shipping.

Volume 1.8ml.
Length 48mm.
Diameter 12.5mm.
Thread Internal.
Closure PP.
Bottom Round.
Starfoot No.
Self-standing No.
Graduated/Writing Area Yes.
Sterile Yes.
Pack Qty 50.
Carton Qty 500.
Case Qty 2000.

1.8ml PP Cryotube Round Bottom PK 2000

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