Thermo Scientific Nunc Immobilizer - Amino Modules/Plates

Brand Nunc Immobilizer
Type Solid Plate 96-Well
Well Flat Bottom
Coating Amino
Total Volume 400µl
Coated Volume 100µl
Colour Clear

Pack Qty 5
Case Qty 30

Rapid covalent coupling of peptides,nucleotides, proteins, enzymes and antibodies
Ready to use - no activation steps or blocking steps
Low reagent consumption
High signal to noise ratio
Long term stability at room temperature (up to 2 years)
Surface optimized to minimize steric hindrance and optimize binding interactions
Form covalent bond with nucleophilic groups, e.g. amines
Immobilize molecules that bind poorly to passive surfaces

Immobilizer Amino Plate 96-Well PK 30

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