Nunc Immobilizer 96-Well Plate Affinity Capture Surfaces

Rapid coupling of biotinylatedbio-molecules
Streptavidin is covalently bound to the surface
Ready to use - no blocking steps
Excellent binding capacity
( e.g. F96 clear 20 pmol/well*)
Minimal leaching of coupled biomolecules from the surface
Binding site easily accessible
Low non-specific binding
High signal to noise ratio
Stable at room temperature
Low reagent consumption
Immobilizer Streptavidin
Highly specific binding
Reduced variability in molecular orientation

Brand Nunc Immobilizer
Type Solid Plate 96-Well
Well Flat Bottom
Coating Streptavidin coavlently coated
Total Volume 400µl
Coated Volume 100µl
Colour Black

Pack Qty 1
Case Qty 15

Streptavidin surface for rapid coupling of biotinylated bio molecules such as peptides, antibodies, oligonucleotides or haptens

Immobilizer Streptavidin 96-Well PK 15

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