Thermo Scientific Nunc Fluorescence Assays Using Passive Adsorption

Brand Nunc
Well Design C8 LockWell
Surface MaxiSorp
Total Volume 350µl
Working Volume 250µl
Colour Black
Application Flourescence

No per Pack 10
No per Case 60

Immuno Breakable Modules are specifically designed for fluorometric and luminometric immunoassays.
The unique design offers error-free flexibility; each well locks in the frame and maintains the same height to provide
accurate reading and efficient washing.High-quality polystyrene wells
Passive surfaces to enable assay optimization
C8 Strips provide flexiblity with sample size and optimal washing performance
Easy to handle; single well held as easily as strips
Compatible with common instrumentation

Black opaque and light-absorbing surface
Minimum cross talk and back-scattered light

Immuno Breakable Modules Black PK 60

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