Thermo Scientific Colormetric Assays Using Passive Adsorption
Immuno Standard Modules


Brand Nunc
Well Design F16 2 x 8 Wells
Surface MaxiSorp
Total Volume 400µl
Working Volume 350µl

No per Pack 10
No per Case 60

Module plates developed for ELISA techniques and fit standard equipment.
Format provides flexible use of components with small sample sizes.
The modules offer lot-to-lot reliability, well-to-well reproducibility and are backed by
industry-leading quality standards and certifications.
Standard modules are strip plates with solid modules that can be easily inserted and removed from their frame.
This enhances the use of the plate with smaller sample sizes.

Modules remain in frame when inverted
Stackable frame marked for lid orientation
Polystyrene wells in polyethylene frame
Ext. Dim.: 128 × 86 mm

Immuno Modules F16 2 x 8 Wells PK 60

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